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At GulfSide Fitness we are experts in fitness training and work with our clients to reach their exercise and wellness goals. We assess your bodily strengths and weaknesses and create customized workout plans. We provide physical and mental guidance and monitor your progress on a regular basis. We also make sure that you don’t get injured while training.

About Me...

I am a group fitness instructor and personal trainer that absolutely loves what I do, helping clients get stronger and perform better.

Beatrice Frank

Beatrice Frank

NETA Certified Trainer

My fitness journey started in my youth as a competitive swimmer in the small town of Clark’s Summit, Pennsylvania specializing in backstroke and freestyle. Fast forward several years to Naples, FL, I fell in love with the Body Training Systems (now Mossa) group fitness classes my gym offered, particularly Group Step. It was then that I decided I wanted to get certified to teach the program so I booked my certification classes and flew to Atlanta, GA to attend the training.  In 2007 Group Step became my first group exercise certification, followed by Body Training Systems Group Active, and Group Core certifications. Next, I became active in my community running with my local runners’ group and participating in 5k, 8k, 10’k, and the Naples Half Marathon. Spinning, Boot Camp, and water aerobics certifications followed shortly thereafter as did my personal trainer certification through fully accredited NETA, National Exercise Trainers Association.

I am blessed to work with wonderful people who all want to move and perform better.  From the young teen who wants to improve their swim times to the 85-year-old experiencing balance and mobility issues, to every age group in between. Fitness and healthy living are for everyone at every age and every ability level. We all have to start somewhere, and consistency over time is how we achieve results and improve our fitness. Let me help you through your fitness journey while enjoying every step of the way!! Let’s move!!!!
Beatrice Frank
Beatrice Frank

Beatrice Frank

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